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Notes from the "Eastern Front," Jan 05

Wed, Jan 19, 2005 - Everything is going well. We have been working with the ANA daily. A couple of days ago we were told to go back out to Iranian border and search for some weapons. Unfortunately what the US thought was that we would go and do the planning, but the National Police and the National Security wanted to go that day. We went and were closer than we were supposed to be without crossing the border. We searched a couple of villages but didn't really find much except to 2 Kilo's of opium. They took an Iranian and the guy who had the drugs. Not very exciting but everything went well.

Tomorrow starts their Eid holiday and that should last for 3 days. We are invited over tomorrow for the beginning and will go Saturday for the end festival. They are trying to get musicians to come out and play so they can dance. They want us to dance as well but I told them that I couldn’t because I have the camera and I am too old. They don’t believe my excuses. Everyday we go over and talk about different issues if there are any. They know what to do - I am here as the bank. The only thing our Kandak needs is some higher leadership and a support system and they could be ready to go.

We are going over backwards planning with the Kandak to prepare for the move back. They know what to do, it is just the matter of resources. We have to pack up the safe house and hand some supplies and missions over to our replacements. The weather hasn't been too bad the last couple of days. It is starting to warm up even though the nights are freezing.

On Friday one of the Majors and I will go and climb a mountain that is behind the closest hills. We have to wear our body armor since the threat level has increased (nothing to worry about) so that should tack on another 20 some pounds. He and I have been walking to the top of the Jihadi house everyday 4x with the body armor so we have been working up to it. The mountains here are very cool looking and the land is full of hills but too bad nothing grows on them or they would be spectacular.


WANTED: Any "gently-used" sneakers or sandals, all sizes, men, women or child styles - all are needed. If you have these and can ship them, they would be very useful to us, and very much appreciated!

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